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Xbox One (White) - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

The Xbox one white gamepad viewer skin is the replica of the original Xbox One controller, that too, the white variant.

With this gamepad viewer skin, you get the white controller body with black buttons and sticks. . The button layout is designed to precisely match the familiar Xbox one controller layout.

On the opposite sides of the controller, there’s the left thumbstick and X,Y,A,B buttons. Under the left thumbstick, you get the d-pad and just adjacent to that is the right thumbstick.

The middle part of the controller, starting from the top, has the glowing Xbox logo contrasting beautifully against the dark stripe. Below that, there are Change View and Menu buttons. Also, there are LED indicators for the player chosen by the user.

You can see the shoulder triggers at top edges that are colored in dark to give a better contrast to the skin. Right above each trigger, there are the left and right bumpers.

For your viewers to see the bumpers, they are positioned outside the main portion of the skin. Remember to crop the view accordingly, otherwise they might get cut off the screen while you stream.

The overall size of this custom skin is comparatively smaller than the PS3 skins making it a little more easier to place on your streaming window without worrying much about the space constraints.

Xbox One White skin for the gamepad viewer gives a perfect balance of design and visibility. It can be used for all games no matter if they have a dark gameplay environment or a bright one.

If you are a gamer who likes aesthetics as much as performance, you cannot choose any better custom skin for a gamepad viewer other than this one.

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