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Xbox One - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

This gamepad viewer custom skin is based on the original Xbox One controller in the black color. Use this skin to add an authentic Xbox one controller overlay on your game stream.

With this gamepad viewer skin, you get the dark controller body with gray buttons and sticks. The body is shaped exactly like the Xbox One controller as well as the layout.

Unlike the PS skins, here you have the left stick and X,Y,A,B buttons on opposite sides of the controller. And below them is the d-pad and right thumbstick on each side.

In the middle section, there's a bright glowing Xbox logo in white color. Under the logo are the Change View & Menu buttons along with the player selection LEDs which glow according to the selected Player.

The top portion, where the shoulder triggers are present, is colored black to match the color scheme. The Left and Right bumpers are present at the edges on each side while the Left and Right triggers are outside the skin area to make them visible to the stream viewers.

This custom skin has less width compared to the PS3 skins, so it will use even less space on your screen. If you are playing on a smaller monitor, this gamepad viewer skin could be a savior.

Being dark in color, it may get a little difficult for viewers to see it properly when playing games having a darker environment. But, in games with bright environments like PUBG, Fortnite, this skin works absolutely awesome!

For most streamers, this is really simple custom skin but being a perfect replica of the real Xbox One controller can make you stand out among your competitors.

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.