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PlayStation 3 - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

This PS3 gamepad viewer skin is designed to match the original PS3 controller black variant. PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular PS controllers of previous years. Use this skin on your game streams to have a classic black PS3 controller on the screen.

This skin is designed to perfection till the small elements so that it looks totally like the real PS3 controller.

The design is symmetrical with black colored plus shapes on both sides of the controller. On one side there’s the d-pad inside the plus shape while the other side houses the △,□,○, ✕ buttons.

Around the d-pad you can see 4 direction arrows marked with lighter gray color.

Between the d-pad and the 4-buttons, there are Select and Start/Pause buttons. In the middle, there’s Sony logo and below that there’s PlayStation logo making the whole controller skin look authentic.

In the bottom section, it has the two thumb sticks in the darker gray color. Both sticks are also placed exactly opposite to each other to maintain the symmetry of design

L1,L2, R1, R2 are at the top edges on both sides and filled with light gray color. You also get the players selection LEDs on the top section just like they are in the real PS3 controller.

Designwise, the skin has a flat-design feel to it which goes well with any game you would stream. The color scheme is on the darker side of the spectrum which makes it highly visible on lighter backgrounds but would be difficult to distinguish on darker backgrounds.

Just like the PS3 white skin, this one is also compact and small. You can choose any corner on the screen and this skin will fit right there without bothering the gameplay at all.

This gamepad viewer skin is recommended for those streamers who like the dark yet classic look. Your viewer will also find it great to have an authentic PS3 controller overlay on the stream.

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.