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Xbox 360 - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

For those who like Xbox 360, this custom skin is a pixel-perfect copy of the Xbox 360 controller.

This gamepad viewer skin features an all-white controller with all its buttons and sticks positioned just in the right place as they are in the real Xbox 360 controller.

Beginning from the center, there is a cool glowing Xbox logo in neon green color. Around the logo, there’s the LED indicator to show which Player has been selected out of the 4.

On each side of the logo, there are two small arrow keys for the select and back operation.

On the left-hand side of the controller, there’s the left thumbstick and the d-pad. Both of them are colored in dark grey to produce this contrast of black and white. The d-pad lacks any arrows for direction instead, there’s a rounded plus shape to denote direction.

The right-hand side of the controller has the X, Y, A, B buttons having the trademark Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green color. Below them is the right thumbstick which is black in color.

All these buttons and sticks even seem to bulge out from the surface, thanks to the 3D effect in the design.

At the top edges, there are white-colored bumpers on each side. And, the LT, RT triggers are shown outside of the skin in order to help your stream viewers see them when you press them.

Talking about the skin outlay, it has a little more curvy design as opposed to the rather edgy-looking Xbox one controller.

Sizewise, the Xbox 360 gamepad viewer skin is one of the smallest ones you’ll find on our website. You can easily fit it on any corner of your stream view without obstructing the gameplay at all.

For those game streamers, you prefer white controller skins, this one can be a good choice. It will also make stand out while other streamers generally pick Xbox one White gamepad viewer skin.

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.