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PlayStation 4 (White) - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

Most gamers love dark colors but PS4 controllers always include a white variant as well. This gamepad viewer custom skin takes all the design details from the white color PS4 controller. Use this skin on your game streams to show the latest white PS4 controller to your subscribers.

This skin features the classic red handles edges, touchpad, thumbsticks while the rest of the body is white. The red D-pad and △,□,○, ✕ buttons have a circular black background which beautifully highlights these sections.

The △,□,○, ✕ buttons also have the trademark Playstation colors - green, magenta, red and blue respectively.

Below the touchpad, there are speaker holes and below that is a swanky PlayStation logo in black and white colors to add more authenticity to the skin.

On each side of the touchpad, there’s Share and Options buttons respectively; both of them being red in color.

L1,R1,L2,R2 are also highlighted in red color and situated at the top edges on both sides of the controller.

The handles are a bit longer to match the actual size of the PS4 controller. Even after that, this gamepad viewer skin is sized adequately to hold reasonable space on the screen and the stream viewers can see the gameplay video comfortably.

Also, the color scheme provides nice highlights on the white body which will make your controller overlay easily visible throughout the gameplay no matter what’s the background.

For gamers who like the light colors and playing on PS4, this skin is perfect. Choose the PS4 White custom skin to give your audience a cool look at your game controller actions.

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