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PlayStation 3 (White) - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

PlayStation 3 is by far the most popular PlayStation device of its time. And, this custom skin is dedicated to the PS3 controller and its cool design. Use this skin on your stream to show an authentic white-colored PS3 controller on the screen.

This skin is replicated to look like the PS3 controller in white color with dark grey accents for button, d-pad, sticks and triggers.

D-pad and 4 buttons are placed inside plus shapes on both sides of the controller. The d-pad also has direction arrows marked in the outer plus shape.

The sticks are situated right beside the handles and, in the middle, there are Select and Start buttons.

L1,L2, R1, R2 are at the top edges on both sides and shown in dark gray color. Though, the player selection LEDs are absent like they are in the real PS3 controller.

You can also see the Sony branding on the top portion of the controller which makes it look even more authentic. There's a Playstation logo just above the left and right sticks.

Designwise, the skin has a flat-design feel to it which goes well with any game you would stream. The contrasting colors make it get highlighted over the gameplay. Thus, it is easier for viewers to locate the controllers and see your actions on the screen as well.

Talking about the size, the PS3 white skin is compact and smaller in size just like the actual PS3 controller. It will fit easily in any of the 4 corners of the screen without obstructing the gameplay video.

This skin will support any of the Playstation controllers or even third party controllers made for Playstation. It can work with Xbox controllers but you may need to map a few buttons.

For the gamers who like the high contrast and light-colored skins, this one is a perfect choice and it comes with the exact authentic PS3 controller look which makes a good impact on your audience as well.

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail at [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.