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Gamecube - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

GameCube controller has its own fan base and if you are also one of them, this custom skin is made for you only! Show your stream viewer the oversized purple controller and see how they react to it. :D

This custom skin replicates the unique shape with protruding right stick and d-pad. The body is colored in purple while the right stick is colored yellow.

All buttons including the d-pad are grey in color while the A and B buttons are sky blue and red respectively.

The button layout is also an exact replica of the real gamecube controller. Both the sticks are inside the octagon cavity. Having a two-stick design, you can comfortably use this skin with most of the modern controllers that have two sticks.

X and Y buttons are bean-shaped while A and B are round. There’s a small round button in the center for Start/Pause.The d-pad is the classic plus (+) shape design with arrows for all four directions.

R1, R2, L1, L2 rockers are also color coordinated with right ones being grey and left ones being blue.

This skin also features Nintendo Gamecube branding on the top of the controller. Apart from that, the whole controller body has no other prints and follows a simple monotone of purple all over it.

To match the size of the real gamecube controller, this skin is a bit larger than other custom skins. That’s why this will also take up more space on your screen.

So, you need to position it appropriately in a way that the viewers can see your actions on the controller and at the same time it does not obstruct the gameplay visuals.

With all the real-like design elements, Gamecube custom skin for gamepad viewer is best suited for gamers who are Nintendo fans and want to surprise their subscribers with a giant controller on screen. :D

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.