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Fight Stick - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

For those who like to ‘stick’ to the old school controller layout, this custom skin uses the classic Fight Stick controller button layout. Use this one if you like a minimalistic way to show your controller actions on the screen.

In the fightstick custom skin, it is just the buttons and stick that is visible without any controller body.

There are 8 buttons and each of them can be used for a pair of buttons depending upon the game console you are using - PS4 or Xbox.

For PS4 for the first 4 buttons work as △,□,○, ✕ while for Xbox the same buttons work as X,Y,A,B. Similarly, the other 4 buttons work as RB,RT,LB,LT for Xbox and R1, R2, L1,L2 for PS4.

If you are using this custom skin for streaming, the button presses will be shown as per the above mentioned criteria. Apart from these buttons, there’s a joy stick and two more buttons for back and menu.

The joy stick responds to the main stick on your controller. If you are using a controller with two sticks, then you should not use this skin because the motion of the second stick would not reflect on the screen.

Unlike other custom skins, this one does not have the LEDs for showing the Player status.

Because there is no body design, just the buttons and the stick on the screen, it is easier to catch up with the button presses for the viewers. But, make sure you have a steady background for this skin as there are high chances the buttons might mix up with the game elements.

For game streamers who love the nostalgia of the 90s and want to show the same to their subscribers, the Fightstick custom skin is exactly what you should opt for. A little warning, this custom skin can be confusing for you to understand if you are not a 90s kid.

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.