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Fightpad Pro - Custom Skin for Gamepad Viewer

This custom skin features the Fightpad Pro from Mad Catz. Use this skin to give a cool vibe to your game stream especially while playing horror games like Resident Evil or the Evil Within.

Fightpad Pro is known for its unusual short handle design on one side while having regular length on the other side. Also, it features just one stick and d-pad on the left side while the A,B,X,Y on the right side.

The R1 and R2 are also positioned on the right side only. The special positioning makes it look quite different from other custom skins.

Right beside the stick, there are Player selection LED lights that show the status to which player your gamepad is connected. Rest of the buttons like Menu, Back etc. are at the bottom end of the controller.

All the buttons, sticks and LEDs are mapped in such a way that they respond exactly the same as you operate whichever gamepad you connect to the gamepad viewer.

Talking about the design, it has a cool red skull imprint on and a monster scratch mark. On the shorter handle, there’s a Street Fighter V logo. Right at the middle of the controller, there’s an authentic PlayStation logo as well.

The rest of the color scheme is black and grey that gives it a modern graffiti look.

For streamers, this custom skin is compact and does not take a lot of space on the screen. Infact, if you keep it the same size as the regular controller, this one will look bigger and the button presses will be easily visible to the viewer.

The only issue that you may face with this one will be the contrast. As this skin uses dark shades, it may get mixed with dark backgrounds in the game. So, you need to position it on the screen accordingly.

This skin is recommended for gamers who want a quirky look on the screen and those who want a smaller controller to show on screen.

Not many gamers use this skin on their streams, so if you want to stand out of the crowd, you must try the Fightpad Pro custom gamepad viewer skin in your next stream!

Having any issues? Just drop us a mail on [email protected] to get it resolved at the earliest.