How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Gamepad?

turn android phone into game controller

Don’t have a gamepad? Chill, you can turn your Android phone into a gamepad and enjoy playing your favorite games on PC like a pro! In this post, you’ll find the simple ways to use your Android phone as a game controller.

Let's get started!

We will use a third-party application to achieve this. I am providing the step by step guide for the same below.

Using Mobile Gamepad App

Follow the steps below to turn your android phone into a gamepad within a few minutes using the Mobile Gamepad app.

  1. Download and install the Mobile Gamepad App on your android device from Google Play Store.
  2. Now, download the server application on your Windows PC using this link.
  3. Follow the installation instructions to setup the server application on the PC.
  4. You will see the connection screen as follows. 
  5. Now Open the app on your phone. 
  6. Click on the Connect Server button and you will see two options to connect - Wifi & Bluetooth.
  7. Choose Wifi and enter the server address you see in the Mobile Gamepad window on your PC.
  8. Click connect and your phone will be connected to the server.
  9. That’s it. Your android phone is now working as a gamepad controller.
  10. Optionally, you can add games in the settings menu and launch them directly from the phone itself.

This app is developed by blueqnx who shared it on XDA developer forum. It uses the current version is v 1.1.0 and has been regularly updated with bug fixes and improvements.

Features of Mobile Gamepad App

Benefits of Using Smartphone as Gamepad

Although a real gamepad has its own feel, playing games with a smartphone as a game controller has some great benefits.

Saves Money: A good game controller costs more than $50 at least. Using your android smartphone as a gamepad will save you that money. Also, no need to spend on new controller batteries. You can use that money for something else! ;) 

Handy & Comfortable: A gamepad is bulkier than a smartphone and needs separate storing space also. Your smartphone is more comfortable in your hands and plays your games much more easily.

Wireless Connection: You can have a wireless connection with Wifi or Bluetooth when you use your android phone as controller. This is really cool because if you don't have a wireless controller, your phone can be one!

So guys, this was how you can turn your android phone into a game controller. I hope this will help you with that. If you have any questions, feel free contact us and I will try to assist you even further!