How to Reset a Gamecube Controller?

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If you ever felt the need to reset your GameCube Controller and didn't find out exactly how to do it, then I am about to tell you how to Recalibrate the GameCube Controller.

There are times when the controller starts behaving weirdly like making the character move on its own or just getting stuck. Sometimes, the GC controller does not get detected in the system. In such situations, the problems can be resolved by resetting the controller.

Following are the 3 different ways to reset/recalibrate your Gamecube controller.

  1. All you have to do is just press the X, Y, and Start buttons simultaneously and hold them for at least 3 seconds to soft reset the GameCube controller completely.
  2. Push RESET, or you can also turn OFF the system and then turn ON again. While doing this make sure to not touch the control stick.
  3. If the controller is not getting detected, try unplugging and reinserting the controller while keeping the system ON.

Note: If you have a Gamecube pro controller, then you have to press A, B, +, and - buttons simultaneously to soft reset it.

Once you are done with the process mentioned above, you can test the controller here on to ensure that it works properly.

If your GC controller still doesn't work, then it's time to spend some money on a new controller to keep playing your favorite games!